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Q: How much is an entrance ticket to the scenic area?

A:1. A full-price ticket costs RMB 100.00/tourist, the online discounted price is RMB 90.00/tourist.

2. A half-price ticket costs RMB 50.00/tourist, and you may buy a ticket on the spot. The half-price ticket is reserved for the following groups of people:

Senior citizens (bearing their ID cards or a Preferential Treatment Certificate of Senior Citizens) whose age is between 60 and 69 (69 included);

Children whose height is between 1.2m (1.2m excluded) and 1.5m (1.5m included);

Children whose age is between 6 years (6 years excluded) and 18 years (8 years included) and full-time college students of undergraduate programs or below (bearing their student certificate and ID cards).

3. The people who may enter with their valid certificates for free include the following:

  Senior citizens (bearing their ID cards or a Preferential Treatment Certificate of Senior Citizens) whose age is above 70 years (70 years included);

  Children whose age is below 6 years (6 years included) or whose height is below 1.2m (1.2m included);

   Disabled people (bearing a certificate of disability or disable soldier);

   Servicemen and retired veterans and cadres (bearing a valid certificate);

   And teachers whose serve tenure has reached 30 years (with a certificate of honor)

Q: How do I book on line?

A: 1. Please first choose the category of your entrance ticket.

   2. Select the date of your trip and fill out the relevant order information.

   3. When your order has been submitted, you may select a payment mode and make the payment.

   4. When the payment is successfully made, your phone would receive a text message about the order (including the order number, assistive code, and QR code).

   5. On the day of your trip, you may enter the park by showing your order text message (including the order number, assistive code and QR code).

  Caution: When booking on line, please fill in the real names, the number, ID numbers, and cell phone numbers of the actual ticket claimers. After filling in such information, please submit the order. (Note: The blanks with an asterisk must be filled. The name of the ticket claimer must be the same with that on the ID card.)

Q: What are the available payment modes?

A: You may make the payment via Alipay Wallet or WeChat on line directly.

Q: If my payment failed, what can I do?

A: Hello! Give the fact that the online payment systems submit payment information instantly via Alipay or WeChat system. If a payment failure occurs due to insufficient balance or unexpected disconnection, you need to make a payment again by clicking the order that requires a payment to pay.

Q: Can I book the ticket for the day when I have my trip?

A: You have to book your ticket one day in advance if you book online.

Q: When I have booked my ticket, how should I use it?

A: 1. The ticket claiming spot: You may visit the ticket claiming spot of the Ticketing Center for Zhejiang Xinchang Great Buddha Scenic Area and claim your ticket after 6:30AM.

   2. Process of ticket claiming: When you have successfully made a payment, you will receive a text message about your order (including your order number, assistive code and QR code). With your order message, you may go to the automatic ticket claiming machine to print the electronic ticket, or you may directly have your ticket checked for entry at the turnstile of the scenic area.

Q: How can I enter the park directly with the QR code?

A: You just need to directly scan the QR code in the verification text message over the ticket examining turnstile at the scenic area. When you have passed the verification, you may enter the park. If reading failed during scanning, please show your order text message (including your order number, assistive code and QR code) to the e-commerce counter in the ticketing hall of the scenic area, and you can receive a print entrance ticket.

Q: What should I bear in mind about using the QR code?

A: The QR code is available for the visitor alone and it is valid on the day of their trip only. If the order information in the text message differs from the verified information at the scenic area, the scenic area is justified to refuse to accept the ticket.

Q: How can I get an invoice for the entrance ticket?

A: You may go to the No.3 ticketing window to claim the invoice for your entrance ticket with your electronic ticket and ID card.

Q:   What are the rules and process for a cancellation?

A: Rules for cancellation:

1.When the ticket has not been claimed yet, the ticket buyer may cancel it (before the time of the trip), and a service charge of RMB 5.00 is required for a cancellation.

2.When the ticket has been claimed, if it is not for the reason of the scenic area, the ticket buyer is not allowed to apply for a cancellation.

Process for cancellation:

WeChat Payment: Login onto the Personal Center- Cancel Order- Login onto WeChat customer end to check cancellation notification

Alipay Payment: Login onto the Personal Center- Cancel Order- Review Passed- Login onto the Alipay customer end to check cancellation notification

Q: How can I change the order?

A: The order you have submitted on line cannot be altered on line. If you want to change it, please place an order again, and before claiming your ticket, you may login onto the online user center to cancel your order for a second booking. (For a refund of the paid order, a service charge of RMB 5.00 is required.)

Q: What is the contact information of the e-commerce ticketing center of the scenic area?

A: The telephone number is 0575-86115599.