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Guide  scenic spots

  Grand Buddha Temple Cultural Area; Nineteen Peaks Scenic Area (Chongyang Palace, Nineteen Peaks, Dragon Valley); Wozhou Lake Scenic Area, all kinds of professional markets and other attractions. 

Guide Fee: 80 Yuan / each group for each scenic area

Rules and Regulations of Tour Guide Services

  1. Love their work, provide excellent service, comply with relevant laws and regulations of the state as well as observe and implement Tour Guide Management Regulations and other industry regulations. 

  2. Be equipped with basic quality and other related requirements referred in Tour Guide Service Quality.

  3. Master knowledge related to scenic spots and other aspects of society so as to offer lively, enthusiastic explanation to visitors.

  4. Enhance the communication with visitors, propagate all kinds of policies in the scenic area, focus on the publicity of environmental protection as well as listen carefully to visitors’ questions and answer them patiently to get their problems solved. 

  5. Tried hard to maintain the reputation of the scenic area, shall not charge tourists additional fees for any reason and shall not sell them goods or otherwise. 

  6. Get hired to be tour guide by the tourists themselves, so remember to help visitors carefully fill in the feedback form at the end of the tour.

  7. Implement Leave Exchange System, i.e. to determine the commuting time according to the work.

  8. Service& Support Hotline: 0575-86230306

Xinchang County Tourism Group Co. Ltd.

Market Sales Department Reception Center

  • Buses:
      Grand Buddha Temple Cultural District is located in Xinchang District, so tourists usually ride Bus 8 connecting Xinchang  Terminal Center with 1.5 Yuan per person. Tourists may also take Bus 2, 6, 7, 8 and alight at Grand Buddha  Town, when passing the Front Gate of the District, you can rent an electro-mobile with 5 Yuan per person.

  • Cars:
      Depart from Shanghai: Take Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway to pass through Fengjing, Jiaxing, Tudian, Chang’an. Turn into Hangzhou Cove Loop Highway and Changtai Highway, and cross Jiaxing Bridge to get into Xinchang Interaction. Drive ahead to the Grand Temple District under the guide of Direction Board of Xinchang Buddha.

  • Cars:
      Depart from Hangzhou: Take Hangzhou Cove Loop Highway and Changtai Highway, and cross Jiaxing Bridge to get into Xinchang Interaction. Drive ahead to the Grand Temple District under the guide of Direction Board of Xinchang Buddha.
      Depart from Ningbo: Take Yongjin Highway to Shengzhou Link and drive into Changtai Highway. Cross Jiaxing Bridge to get into Xinchang Interaction. Drive ahead to the Grand Temple District under the guide of Direction Board of Xinchang Buddha.

Tourist Notice

  1. Admission: Adult:  100 Yuan/ person   discounted price online: 90 Yuan/person

  2. Child:  50 Yuan/person (1.2 meters to 1.5 meters)  Free (under 1.5 meters)

   Senior Citizen:  50 Yuan/person (60 to 70 years old)  

   Free (≧70 years old) Show valid certificate on checking

  3. Free of charge for active duty soldiers, teachers with 30-year experience, the disabled and reporters. (Certificates required)

  4. Confirm your money and tickets on the spot otherwise responsibilities will not be taken.

  5. Keep your admission tickets in case of recheck.

Visiting Notice

  1. Please show identity cards of Xinchang citizens or Visiting Chip Cards of the District

  2. Activities using fire in the wild such as smoking, barbecuing and setting off fireworks are not allowed.

  3. No littering, throwing rubbish and spitting anywhere.

  4. No picking flowers and twigs, catching wild animals, fishing rods, nets, bird trap and other equipments are forbidden.

  5. All kinds of domestic pets are not allowed.

  6. It is forbidden to playing basketball and football, flying kites, riding bikes and skating.

  7. It is forbidden to swimming and dabbling in the lake and pond. When visiting, children must be accompanied by adults.

  8. Please take consciously good care of public facilities and environmental health, and jointly create a beautiful environment.

Tips for Tourists Complaints

 1.How to guard against tourism fraud that falls short of reality?

The most common tourism fraud occurs in Full Package Tour for groups. Full Package Tour refers to a tour in which all the fees of various services are included. In other words, food, accommodation, transportation, travel, entertainment and other activities along the tour and at every destination are included. Actually it should be called Half Package Tour for when it is carried out, only half of the charges will be included such as accommodation, travel and entertainment, other fees have to be paid on your own. Some so-called Full Package Tours even require tourists to pay for their admission tickets, a particular meal or the airport construction fee and so on.

  To prevent this kind of fraud, you’d better sign a contract in advance with the tourism company or specify food and accommodation standard and specific everyday arrangements in case of the fraud. In this occasion, you are able to make complaints to relevant divisions.

 2.How to carry out tourism complaints?

  In 1st June, 1991, the National Tourism Administration promulgated Provisional Regulations on Tourism Complaints which states that tourism complaints should be given timely and fair treatment to protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and tourism operators as well as to further maintain national reputation.

  Receiving complaints is a kind of phenomenon common in the tourism. When tourists or tourism operators find their legitimate rights and interests violated, they may lodge a complaint to the tourism management department or local tourism bureau in written or oral form.

  It should be emphasized that complaining with relevant evidence, such as contacts signed with travel agencies etc.